Geek Is...

Geek. This word is power, Chris Metzen, Blizzard's senior vice president of creative development tells us. This word is identity. This is our word. And for one weekend it was also BlizzCon's word. » 10/27/10 6:30pm 10/27/10 6:30pm

Why The StarCraft II Team Is Making Mods

While fans are eagerly anticipating news of Heart of the Swarm, the second single player installment of StarCraft II, the team takes a break to roll out four custom game types. We asked Blizzard's Alan Dabiri what gives. » 10/26/10 3:00pm 10/26/10 3:00pm

Building Up To World Of Warcraft's Cataclysm

On December 7 the world of Azeroth changes forever, but fans waiting for the Cataclysm expansion may want to hop back into World of Warcraft before the big day, when lead world designer Alex Afrasiabi says things will be insane. » 10/26/10 2:30pm 10/26/10 2:30pm

Heroes' Hiro Knows His Final Fantasy

Entering the press room at BlizzCon 2010 late Saturday afternoon, I overheard one of Blizzard's PR people arguing that Final Fantasy XIII was the best in the series. I couldn't help but get involved. Neither could Heroes star Masi Oka. » 10/26/10 12:30pm 10/26/10 12:30pm

Double Crossbows, Demon Doctors, And Vampire Hunter D

I sat down this weekend with Blizzard art director Christian Lichtner and senior designer Jason Bender to discuss the new Demon Hunter class in Diablo III. How did we end up discussing Vampire Hunter D? » 10/26/10 12:00pm 10/26/10 12:00pm

Digital Storm's New High-End Gaming PCs Light Up BlizzCon

At BlizzCon 2010, high-end gaming PC builder Digital Storm showed us a pair of machines powerful and attractive enough to make any PC gamer's heart sing...and their wallet cry for mercy. » 10/25/10 12:20pm 10/25/10 12:20pm

StarJeweled Hands-On: The Competition Gets Casual

Building bases, managing resources, and fielding an army; these are things I cannot do. Matching three or more gems together? Welcome to my world, StarCraft players. » 10/24/10 7:30pm 10/24/10 7:30pm

BlizzCon 2010 Cosplay Blowout Part Two: Trolling For Chicks

See, they're trolls, and they are female, get it? No? Just check out the second and final BlizzCon 2010 cosplay gallery, packed with the three W's: Wizards, warriors, and Waldo. » 10/24/10 5:30pm 10/24/10 5:30pm

Diablo III Arena Battles Will Devour Your Soul

Last night I had a chance to sit down for 15 minutes of Diablo III multiplayer arena battles. Forty-five minutes later I finally made good on my "just one more round" promise. The wait for this game just got harder. » 10/24/10 4:30pm 10/24/10 4:30pm

Jay Mohr Grants BlizzCon His Wisdom

Actor and comedian Jay Mohr returned to BlizzCon this year to host the costume and dance contest. We captured a few of his words of wisdom and share them with you. » 10/23/10 7:30pm 10/23/10 7:30pm

Hands-On With Diablo III's Demon Hunter: Double Crossbows All The Way

The Diablo III Demon Hunter class uses double crossbows. What, you wanted more than that? She's pretty hot, and uses double crossbows. » 10/23/10 5:30pm 10/23/10 5:30pm

Making Our Mark On BlizzCon 2010

There is a giant wall in the main hall of BlizzCon where players and guilds can make their mark on the show. I couldn't resist representing for all of Kotaku. It's okay, we're near poop. » 10/23/10 4:30pm 10/23/10 4:30pm

What The Discerning Murloc Is Wearing This Year

You can't throw a rock without hitting someone wearing one of video game clothing company Jinx's new World of Warcraft murloc hoodies. I chatted with the designer of this adorably terrifying garment. » 10/23/10 3:30pm 10/23/10 3:30pm

Hands-On With The BlizzCon Entry Line Door Game

Just because Blizzard fans aren't in front of their computers doesn't stop them from playing massively multiplayer games while waiting for the second day of the show to open. » 10/23/10 2:30pm 10/23/10 2:30pm

Undead Dancer Breaks A Leg At BlizzCon Dance Contest

Every year, Blizzard holds a contest to see who can dance the most like one of the World of Warcraft races. This year's Undead male dancer learned that real life bones aren't quite as sturdy as video game bones. » 10/23/10 12:30pm 10/23/10 12:30pm

BlizzCon Continues All Weekend Long

BlizzCon? More like DrizzCon, am I right? No? Still BlizzCon? Either way, we'll be bringing you news, videos, and more cosplay than you can shake Thrall's hammer at all weekend long. » 10/23/10 11:30am 10/23/10 11:30am