BlizzCon 2010 Ends With A D

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It doesn't matter how you spell it; last night BlizzCon 2010 ended with a D.

The main hall of BlizzCon has a press area, specifically positioned to keep members of the media close to the stage, but there was no getting close to the stage last night. Well before Jack Black and Kyle Gass took the stage to rock the show to a close, the area was already transformed into a mystical forest filled with expensive camera equipment mounted on tripods of varying length.


It was even harder to see as Tenacious D took the stage, Jack in his wizard costume and Kyle dressed up like a cartoon reptile. Later we'd find out that the pair wanted to dress the same, but Kyle misheard "lizard." This would lead to one of Tenacious D's famous five-minute fake breakups.

Jack had more than just Kyle to back him up. Dave Grohl from The Foo Fighters, a regular friend of the D, was along for the ride, playing drums to back up the D's guitar work and vocals.


Highlights of the evening included the debut of new music, including the science fiction epic "Death Star"; an epic rendition of Master Exploder, the song so powerful the D only pretends to play it; and a stirring rendition of the band's hit, "Wonder Boy."

Towards the end of the show I wandered away from the main stage, frustrated by the crowd, the heat, and the inability to see past the sea of cameras. Still, the D's music was streaming all throughout the hall, and when the epic love ballad "Fuck Her Gently," came on, I stopped where I stood and sang along.

Yes, Blizzard found a way to top Ozzy. I can't wait to see what they come up with next year.

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Mike. Stop saying "top Ozzy" like it's a hard thing to do.