Jay Mohr Grants BlizzCon His Wisdom

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Actor and comedian Jay Mohr returned to BlizzCon this year to host the costume and dance contest. We captured a few of his words of wisdom and share them with you.


Jay Mohr on...



...The Language Barrier



...Rock Band 3

...Christopher Walken's Final Fantasy

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There are plenty of celebrities that do in fact play WoW - Seth Green, Wesley Snipes and Vin Diesel have all admitted to playing WoW on a regular basis, so on the surface I would believe that this guy plays.

But then I got to the video about the language barrier and I thought, wait a second... pretty sure WoW is region restricted! I know that there are the odd players that venture over from EU or Asia to play on the American servers and vice versa, but they do that because they CAN speak the language. Who would go play on the US servers if you couldn't speak a word of English?

Anyway... I'm sure a lot of people will tell me how wrong I am but I played WoW for 2 years and only on the EU servers did you come across vast swathes of people who couldn't speak each other's language and even then it was rare that they didn't speak at least some English.