You can't throw a rock without hitting someone wearing one of video game clothing company Jinx's new World of Warcraft murloc hoodies. I chatted with the designer of this adorably terrifying garment.

Jinx is a company dedicated to creating clothing inspired by video games and geek culture, and they're a regular feature at BlizzCon every year. The line of customers waiting to purchase the company's World of Warcraft products rivals the official Blizzard line, with fans queuing up in droves to pick up the latest hot product. Products like 2008's talking plush murloc.


Products like this year's murloc hoodie.

The hoodie, seen here being modeled by my lovely photographer, can be worn like a normal hoodie, but that's not fun. No, the fun begins when you zip it up all the way, partially blinding the wearer while disguising them as one of World of Warcraft's most beloved enemies.

"These murloc hoodies have been awesome. We expected them to do well, but they've been doing really amazing today," said Samantha Terry, the fashion designer at Jinx. "I've seen so many just walking over the convention. It's been really exciting for me."


Samantha is responsible for all the custom cut and sew and Blizzard products at Jinx. BlizzCon marks the debut for the murloc hoodie, the first time anyone outside of Jinx or Blizzard has seen it. "This is one of the more fun pieces for me to design; It has a lot of color and character to it. It's definitely something that I like to make."


Considering the fan reaction to the hoodies so far, I'd imagine we'll be seeing more character clothing from Samantha in the future.

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