Blizzard Starts Teasing StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm's New Units

Changes are coming to the multiplayer side of StarCraft II when the game's next expansion, the Zerg-focused Heart of the Swarm, arrives sometime next year. Today, Blizzard offers us our first, unclear look at one of those changes—a new multiplayer unit. » 10/04/11 11:00pm 10/04/11 11:00pm

Blizzard Is 'Very, Very Serious' About Diablo for Consoles

Sounds like Blizzard is now a bit more serious about "exploring a Diablo-related concept for consoles." What was something of an understated "interest" in bringing on talent for a version of Diablo III for video game consoles now sounds almost imminent. » 8/18/11 1:00am 8/18/11 1:00am

Diablo III Just Got Harder Than Hell With New 'Inferno' Difficulty

Diablo and his minions will dole out the most extreme player punishment in Diablo III, thanks to its fourth, harder than Hell difficulty level known as Inferno. Blizzard revealed the harsh, high-level difficulty gameplay feature at Gamescom today, explaining what it means for the most dedicated of Diablo III players. » 8/17/11 8:20am 8/17/11 8:20am

Hands On with the Diablo III Beta

I have defeated Diablo III's Skeleton King and, in doing so, also bested the upcoming Blizzard game's multiplayer beta. Soon, many of us will have the privilege to do so, hacking and slashing our way through an early portion of the next Diablo, over and over again, seeing its randomness and testing its new… » 8/01/11 3:00am 8/01/11 3:00am

Blizzard's Secret Titan Project Labeled a 'New Casual MMO'

The people who make MMO juggernaut World of Warcraft have another massively multiplayer online game in the works, a game they're calling Titan for now. Blizzard calls it "awesome" and "ambitious." One analyst calls it "casual." » 6/29/11 6:30pm 6/29/11 6:30pm

At Least Diablo III, the Book, Will Be Out This Year

There's still no firm date on Blizzard's next entry in the Diablo series, but at least one of the game's official tie-ins, Diablo III: Book of Cain, is expected to arrive in 2011. So what is Diablo III: Book of Cain? » 6/29/11 4:40pm 6/29/11 4:40pm

The Art of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

In addition to releasing dozens of new screen shots for StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm, Blizzard's second chapter in the real-time strategy trilogy, the developer also offered us a look at some early, Zerg-centric concept art. » 5/31/11 10:00pm 5/31/11 10:00pm

New StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Screen Shots, Annotated For Your…

New in StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm is the option to choose a "Battle Focus" for Kerrigan, the hero character of the campaign. Up to four Battle Focuses, each with five special abilities and attributes, will be available. Only two, Spec Ops and Corruption, were playable during a recent hands-on preview event. » 5/31/11 3:10am 5/31/11 3:10am

World of Warcraft Fans Raise $800,000 For Charity

The purchase of hordes of Moonkin Hatchling pets by players in World of Warcraft has resulted in a donation of $800,000 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Blizzard, the company behind the game, gave half of the money it made from the sale to the charity and granted the wishes of two of their fans by giving them a tour of… » 5/05/11 4:40pm 5/05/11 4:40pm