The 11 Most Absurd Cards In Hearthstone's New Expansion

Over the past couple of weeks, Blizzard has been slowly showing off some of the new cards that will be added to Hearthstone with the next big expansion, The Grand Tournament, which goes live this month. Here are some of the most ridiculous ones, via Hearthstone’s Facebook page (where you can see them all). » 8/17/15 4:00pm 8/17/15 4:00pm

Someone Is Programming The Original Diablo From Scratch

Diablo III might be doing a good job of quenching your thirst for action RPGs today, but let’s not forget its humble origins: Rogue . Ahem, sorry, the first Diablo. You may rarely feel the urge to play the 90s classic, however, if you do in the future, you might want to check out Freeablo — a cross-platform rewrite of… » 8/09/15 6:30pm 8/09/15 6:30pm