The StarCraft Medic's New Lines In Heroes Of The Storm Are Less Flirty

Blizzard’s new MOBA Heroes of the Storm is a work of Smash Bros.-style fan fiction that mashes together characters from all the developer’s different universes. Or more accurately: it adapts them. The most noticeable change they made to the iconic StarCraft Terran unit, the medic, is her voice, of all things. »10/07/15 6:25pmYesterday 6:25pm

Heroes Of The Storm Is Nerfing The Overpowered 'Infernal Shrines' Map

Heroes of the Storm put out its new patch notes today, and boy is this a big one. In addition to adding the new StarCraft Medic support hero Lt. Morales and completely reworking a number of struggling warriors, they’re finally making some changes to the game’s maps. Most importantly: the ungodly “Infernal Shrines.” … »10/06/15 12:15pmTuesday 12:15pm