This Teased Image Sure Looks Like Just Cause 3

You know what game was a lot of fun? Just Cause 2. But as delightful as it was, it had more than its share of flaws. So, you know what game will probably be really fun? Just Cause 3. And this image shared by Avalanche head Christofer Sundberg on Instagram suuuure looks like a new Just Cause game. » 2/27/13 5:00pm 2/27/13 5:00pm

What? A PC Developer Who Actually Understands DRM?

In recent years publishers like Ubisoft, 2K and EA have done a great job pissing off paying customers with systems aimed at preventing piracy. Which, uh, is counter-productive! Especially when PC pirates are able to easily circumvent said measures. » 9/05/11 9:00pm 9/05/11 9:00pm

Just Cause Studio Says 'Intelligence' Points to Next-Gen Consoles in 2014

We'll have plenty of time to scrimp, save and perhaps land a second job to afford the next generation of video game consoles. Avalanche Studios, creators of Just Cause and the forthcoming Renegade Ops, believe 2014 is when we'll get them. » 6/20/11 8:30pm 6/20/11 8:30pm