Just Cause Studio Says 'Intelligence' Points to Next-Gen Consoles in 2014

We'll have plenty of time to scrimp, save and perhaps land a second job to afford the next generation of video game consoles. Avalanche Studios, creators of Just Cause and the forthcoming Renegade Ops, believe 2014 is when we'll get them.

So says David Grijns, the man heading Avalanche's new New York City-based studios. He tells Edge that the developers "have some intelligence to go on that, by early 2014, we're pretty sure there'll be at least one next-generation console on the market." Based on Grijns' wording, that next generation excludes the Wii U, which is expected to be slightly more powerful than the Xbox 360 and PS3.


That release window jibes with information Kotaku has heard, which targeted Sony and Microsoft's next-gen efforts for 2014.

Avalanche's new U.S. studio is working on "large-scale, online-enabled original IP"—so, not that rumored Mad Max game?—for PC and other still unannounced platforms.


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