Our First Real Look At Actual Gameplay In Mad Max

For the past few weeks, you’ve probably seen a non-stop deluge of trailers for the upcoming Mad Max movie, which comes out next month. Now it’s time to get a real look at the game, too.


This new Mad Max, developed by Avalanche Studios (best known for Just Cause), is mostly a third-person action game, although it looks like there are first-person views for driving and sniping, among other things. It also looks really promising. Kind of like a cross between Fallout and, oh, Far Cry 4?

Watch the whole thing above. Mad Max is out September 1 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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These gritty, white, dark-haired, stubble-bearded protagonists are REALLY starting to just mesh into one “generic dude” for me. C’mon guys. New ideas.