Sorry Consoles, Apple's Controller Support Spells Trouble For You

The biggest news of E3 2013 was the battle between the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, a battle centered on consumer rejection of digital rights management and used game restrictions. Meanwhile, in San Francisco, Apple quietly fired a shot that could eventually neuter traditional game consoles. iOS controller support could … » 6/20/13 10:32am 6/20/13 10:32am

Monday Is The Perfect Day For Apple To Reveal A Game Controller

Monday marks the beginning of Apple's 2013 Worldwide Developer Conference, where the tech giant is expected to reveal some of the enhancements coming to the next iteration of iOS. What if one of those enhancements is support for external gamepads for its iDevices? Indeed, what if Apple, on the eve of the biggest game… » 6/07/13 7:30pm 6/07/13 7:30pm

Which of the Console Companies will an Apple "Smart Television" Kill?

There's going to be another round of consoles. There's another Xbox coming, another PlayStation. Anything could happen in the next couple of years before they're released. For instance, Apple could start selling "smart televisions". » 10/24/11 4:20pm 10/24/11 4:20pm

Real Racing 2 HD Adds Wireless Splitscreen Multiplayer for iPhone 4S…

So, maybe you're a bit disappointed by not getting a shiny new iPhone design revealed during Apple's announcement yesterday. You're not alone. But the real exciting stuff was all the news about iOS 5, what with the Siri personal assistant and full video mirroring through Apple TV. » 10/05/11 1:00pm 10/05/11 1:00pm

What Will Apple Announce at Their Music-Centric September 1 Event?

Apple has finally made their September event official, and it's coming sooner than many expected—the "special event" will be held September 1 in San Francisco, and from the look of things it's going to involve music. » 8/30/10 6:10pm 8/30/10 6:10pm

Apple Patent Looks More Than A Little Like The Wii Remote

A patent's been uncovered by VentureBeat, which Apple first filed in November 2006. It's for a pointer/remote device, that communicates via IR, and has a sensor bar you place in front of the tellie to detect 3D movement. You know, just like a Wii Remote. The patent states the following: » 5/09/08 2:00am 5/09/08 2:00am

Interesting. Now, as anyone…