Announced today at Apple’s live event in California, here’s the new Apple TV remote, which might look familiar to anyone who’s played a certain Nintendo system.

You can hold it horizontally to play games on the Apple TV. Games showcased at the event included Asphalt 8 and Beat Sports. It’s got... a few buttons! And motion controls.


Other games coming to Apple TV’s new operating system—TVos—include the newest version of Disney Infinity and the upcoming Guitar Hero Live.

During their presentation, the developer Hipster Whale showed off their game Crossy Road on the Apple TV, which users will be able to play with the new gaming remote.

And Harmonix came on stage to show off the new game they’ve designed for the Apple TV, Beat Sports.


Clearly this is the device that will kill consoles, as predicted by tech blogs nationwide. The Apple TV will retail for $150 (32GB) and $200 (64GB).


(We’re updating this post live as Apple shows more of their gaming plans.)

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