The Rain Will Come: How an Anime Changed My Life

About a week ago, Kaizival asked Ani-TAY about stories of anime that changed our lives. This is my response to that. It turns out the following is something I've been meaning to write for a while, so I figured it was finally time. » 3/31/15 6:40am Yesterday 6:40am

New Dragon Ball Anime Hair Explained. Apparently. 

There’s a new Dragon Ball Z movie. And it won’t be in theaters until April 18, but yesterday, there was a preview screening. Details are leaking out, but what most people probably want to know is whether or not there is new Super Saiyan hair. » 3/31/15 5:00am Yesterday 5:00am

Frieza Senpai, Notice Me 

This past Saturday, Frieza held a meet-and-greet at a shopping mall in Shiga Prefecture, Japan to promote the upcoming Dragon Ball Z movie. A Frieza cosplayer showed up and things got awkward. » 3/30/15 4:00am Monday 4:00am

Turning Real People into Anime Art

Real life looks different from anime and manga. That's okay! But here's what three dimensional humans might look like if they were two-dimensional drawings. » 3/27/15 8:00am Friday 8:00am

The Anime History You Don't Know

You may think because you've logged impressive viewing hours, you know everything about anime. Sorry, you don't. There's more history to be discovered. » 3/26/15 7:20am 3/26/15 7:20am

The Gundam Prequel Doesn't Have Enough Mecha

Hmm... Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin: Blue-Eyed Casval. A prequel to a highly successful, generation-defining SF franchise? That's never gone wrong before... » 3/26/15 6:30am 3/26/15 6:30am

Anime's Latest Catchphrase Leads To Superior Trolling

This is not an endorsement or recommendation for trolling. If anything, it's simply an explainer to let you know what's going on. Because trolling is bad poi. » 3/26/15 5:30am 3/26/15 5:30am

Robotech Movie Might Actually Be Happening

Sorry, Tobey Maguire. Despite having been attached to the project (at Warner Bros.) for what feels like forever, Variety reports today that Sony have now picked up the rights to the classic animated series, and are getting serious about making not just one Robotech movie, but lots of them. » 3/25/15 8:45pm 3/25/15 8:45pm

Recreating Naruto's Fight Scenes Is Hard

There already are Naruto manga, an anime, and numerous video games. Be happy with those. Because from the looks of it, staging Naruto fights in real life is hard. » 3/24/15 8:00am 3/24/15 8:00am

Anime Censorship Reaches New Levels of Stupid

Smoking is bad. Don't do it! But that's not why the new Jojo's Bizarre Adventure anime is being censored. It's because this is underage smoking. » 3/23/15 5:00am 3/23/15 5:00am

In Which Anime Girls Make Out And Transform Into Weapons

Making its debut at this weekend's AnimeJapan expo in Japan, Valkyrie Drive is a mixed-media game and anime project from Marvelous which revolves around girls making out and turning into weapons. It all makes sense when you realize who it's coming from. » 3/22/15 6:15pm 3/22/15 6:15pm

First Look at the Naruto Stage Musical

Maybe it's good! There's a big difference between looking at stills and sitting in a theater and experiencing an actual Naruto musical. But for now, let's look at photos. » 3/20/15 7:00am 3/20/15 7:00am

Poll: Anime That Are Better Than the Original Manga

Often when you see an anime, you might think the original manga was better. But do you ever feel the reverse is true? That the anime is more interesting than the source material? A recent Japanese poll asked just that. » 3/19/15 8:00am 3/19/15 8:00am

Incredible Japanese Cardboard Creations 

Meet Monami Ohno. The art school grad excels at making highly detailed models and sculptures out of cardboard, whether that's 1/1 scale cardboard guns, anime robots or model tanks. » 3/19/15 7:00am 3/19/15 7:00am

Spider Infestation Reminds People of Totoro

In the Studio Ghibli anime My Neighbor Totoro*, there is a scene in which the family moves into their new house and finds the attic crawling with soot sprites. This is kind of like that, but WITH SPIDERS. » 3/18/15 8:00am 3/18/15 8:00am

Star Blazers Got Me Through The Shittiest Year Of My Childhood

I was a happy child, but I didn't have such a happy childhood. Other kids didn't get my weird vibe, especially in elementary and middle school. And one year in particular, we moved to a new city and a new school, and things got ugly. Only one thing kept me from losing my shit: Star Blazers. » 3/13/15 4:38pm 3/13/15 4:38pm