Brink for $19.99? It Must Be an Amazon Video Game Deals Day

Snag Brink for $20 as the Deal of the Day or sit on the edge of your seat waiting for the lightning deals to pop up in today's all video game Amazon Gold Box deals day. Thanks, Alfred! » 7/26/11 12:15pm 7/26/11 12:15pm

Can You Resist Amazon's Buy One Get One Free Game Sale?

Through July 9 is holding a massive buy one get one free sale on video games and accessories. Sure there's a lot of crap, but one man's crap is another man's delicious sandwich. Ew. Thanks, Cheap College Gamers! » 7/05/11 2:00pm 7/05/11 2:00pm

Author of Negative Conduit 2 Review Becomes Target of Studio's Ire, His…

Video game development company High Voltage Software was so chagrined by a negative review of their game, The Conduit 2, its creative director may have encouraged studio staff to retaliate against the author—by inundating the Amazon page for his novel with negative reviews. » 5/20/11 4:40pm 5/20/11 4:40pm

Crysis 2 Leads a Day of Amazon Video Game Deals

Crysis 2 for $34.99 heads up a day of video game bargains at today, with Madden, Sonic, and PC MMO Rift all on the receiving end of deep discounts. As seen on Cheap College Gamers! » 5/18/11 11:00am 5/18/11 11:00am

Tomorrow Brings An Amazon Gold Box Full Of Gaming Deals

Keep an eye out for incoming video game deals, with an all-gaming Gold Box day kicking off tonight at Midnight Pacific time. » 3/21/11 4:40pm 3/21/11 4:40pm

Amazon's Doing That Video Game Bargain Thing Again

Want Super Street Fighter IV for the Xbox 360 for only $25? Amazon is doing video game deals all day long again, and we're passing the savings on to you. » 10/20/10 12:02pm 10/20/10 12:02pm

Amazon Lets Slip The Dead Space 2 Collector's Edition

A swag-laden collector's edition for EA's Dead Space 2 briefly appeared on yesterday before being taken down, but not before this attractive image found its way onto the internet proper. Is that a replica Plasma Cutter I see? » 10/13/10 12:40pm 10/13/10 12:40pm

Amazon Answers The Call Of Duty With Savings

War never changes, but the price of war does. is lowering the prices on war games all day long, with a strong focus on Call of Duty. » 10/13/10 11:20am 10/13/10 11:20am

Microsoft's Games Platform Strategy Man Moves To Amazon

A potential gaming push by gets a big boost, as Microsoft's director of game platform strategy Andre Vrignaud takes on a new role with the online retailer, and he's "very intrigued about what Amazon is looking to do." » 9/07/10 2:00pm 9/07/10 2:00pm

Amazon Does Video Game Deals All Day Long

Optimus Prime leads the charge as charges the day with deals on Singularity, Metro 2033, Red Dead Redemption, Assassin's Creed II, and more. » 7/20/10 10:40am 7/20/10 10:40am

Amazon Doing Xbox 360 Deals All Day Long

It's that time again! Time to watch the clock, solve the clues, and save big on the Xbox 360 titles featured all day long in Amazon's Gold Box. Is BioShock 2 for $40 really a good deal? » 4/27/10 11:20am 4/27/10 11:20am

PlayStation 3 Owner Gets A $100 Refund For Losing Linux

At least one PlayStation 3 owner has found the silver lining in Sony's decision to axe the option to install other operating systems like Linux to the console, obtaining a rather substantial refund from for his PS3 purchase. » 4/08/10 7:40pm 4/08/10 7:40pm

Do You Recognize This War For Cybertron Preorder Bonus?

Transformers: War for Cybertron is all about exploring the original Cybertronian Wars through the eyes of reimagined first generation Transformers. Then who the hell is this Amazon preorder-exclusive multiplayer character? » 4/06/10 3:20pm 4/06/10 3:20pm

It's Blizzard Deal Day On Amazon

So what if Blizzard only has three or four current games - that doesn't mean you shouldn't be excited by a Blizzard-themed Gold Box day, right? Man, no wonder Kotick fired me. » 4/01/10 11:40am 4/01/10 11:40am

Amazon Rolls Out The PlayStation 3 Deals All Day Long

Dante's Inferno at $38.99 might not be that great of a PlayStation 3 game deal, but if you hurry you can score Tekken 6 for $17.99 as part of a day filled with PS3 deals on » 3/22/10 12:20pm 3/22/10 12:20pm

What Were Amazon's Video Game Bestsellers Of 2009?

The answer to that question can be mostly summed up with three letters: Wii. Nintendo's console dominated online retailer's video game department in 2009, securing nine of the top ten spots on this year's bestsellers list. » 12/30/09 2:30pm 12/30/09 2:30pm

Left 4 Dead 2, DS Games Go Cheap At Amazon

Looking to do a little zombie killing on the cheap? Amazon might have what you're looking for, frugal gamer, offering Left 4 Dead 2 at deeper discount than one would expect of a game selling pretty darn well. » 12/16/09 4:00pm 12/16/09 4:00pm

Amazon Dishes Deals On Batman Today, PS3 Tomorrow

Gaming misers may want to take advantage of's deals of the week, particularly today's deal on Spike TV VGA award winner Batman: Arkham Asylum, which can now be had on the cheap. » 12/14/09 4:40pm 12/14/09 4:40pm Starts Black Friday Early With Video Game Deals

Gamers looking for trampled to death-free Black Friday-caliber deals should keep an eye on this week. The online retailer is counting down to the post-Thanksgiving shopping frenzy with a cornucopia of video game deals. » 11/23/09 2:30pm 11/23/09 2:30pm