Amazon Dishes Deals On Batman Today, PS3 Tomorrow

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Gaming misers may want to take advantage of's deals of the week, particularly today's deal on Spike TV VGA award winner Batman: Arkham Asylum, which can now be had on the cheap.

The Rocksteady Studios title is going for a mere $34.98 USD for the standard edition on either Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. The more deluxe, batarang-filled edition now goes for the asking price of $59.98. I mean, you were going to buy it anyway, just so you can be caught up for the sequel, right?

Bargain hunters would also be advised to pay attention to what Amazon's offering up for the PlayStation 3 owner this Tuesday. The online retailer is promising a day full of "Gold Box" deals on Sony's current generation console, typically the stuff of respectable mark downs.

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Koda Kazar

Technically speaking, Arkham Asylum itself didn't win any VGA award. Rocksteady won an award for Studio of the Year, yes, but that was an award for the studio, not the game. Though one could argue, they won the award because of Arkham Asylum, and thus in a roundabout way, Arkham Asylum won an award.