What's The Most Expensive Game We Saw In Akihabara?

Believe it or not, it's not »10/06/08 5:40pm10/06/08 5:40pm that copy of with the giant 62,790 yen price tag. That particular Sega Genesis (read: Mega Drive) game is a mere $600 and change in U.S. dollars; it's the Japanese copy of , at right, another batch of licensed Acclaim schlock that was going for an astounding 98,000 yen at Akihabara's retro…

David Perry's Keynote: Sony Will Never Make Money on the PS3

Dontcha just love it when top execs start commenting on someone else's financials? Opinionated Acclaim chief David Perry ain't above it, in fact he used his keynote address at the Games Convention Developer's Conference to declare that Sony will never make real dough off the PlayStation 3, 10-year plan or no.
»8/24/08 7:00pm8/24/08 7:00pm

Acclaim's "Project Top Secret" Winner Unveiled Next Week

Back in February, Acclaim chief creative officer David Perry announced the company's "Project Top Secret," a collaborative racing MMO design project where a stand-out entrant would be tapped to head up Acclaim's next MMO project. Today, Acclaim announced it's getting close to conclusion, with one contributor to be… »6/16/08 6:20pm6/16/08 6:20pm