Times like this I wish they had just flat-out refused to sell former Activision CEO Howard Marks the Acclaim name back in 2005. Acclaim Games has just launched MyDivaDoll, a web-based online game described in the announcement email as "The Game of Attitude, Fashion, & Interior Design". Create your own diva, buy here clothes, decorate her house, and try not to feel violated with the knowledge that anyone can then click on her, strip her down to her underwear and just...stare. The game also features community voting for best doll and best condo, various mini-games, and a flirting game that I don't think I even want to understand. I tried to create my own diva, but as you can see from the results I spent far too many DivaBucks on facial tattoos, leaving me no money for pants, a situation I find myself in with alarming regularity. Feel free to hop over there and create your own, but remember to share! MyDivaDoll: Attitude, Fashion & Interior Design [Acclaim]