The Elder... Novel? - This Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion novel landed on my doorstep today. I'll have to read it after I finish up that StarCraft: Ghost book I'm chugging through now.

Tokyo Game Explosion Day 2: Faux Fights, Real Hostesses, Monster Hunter and Testicular Fortitude

The Tokyo Game Show rolled on today. There were boats, booth companions, news and gamplay. There was even a fake fight. And all of that before the Tokyo Game Show opens its doors to the masses over the weekend.
Here's a complete round up of Brian Ashcraft and Luke Plunkett's coverage from Day... More »

Lord of Souls

There are Voice Actors for Dogs. And Horses.

Hard-working professionals (who usually stand on two feet) are paid to sound like dogs and, now horses in the video game series The Sims 3 Pets. Today, we present footage of some of their work. More »

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When Video Games Are Grasshoppers

Woody Allen once said that the reason why he makes a new game every year is so that his movies don't become events. A steady stream ensures that the hits don't become that big of a deal. More »

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Is the Awesome Power of the Weather Lost on Game Developers?

Waking up to find his town enshrouded with thick fog, commenter Nimzy wonders if game developers have fully harnessed the power of the weather in today's Speak Up on Kotaku. More »


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Persona Punches Out Arcade Gameplay Footage

Persona 4 The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena brings the stylish pizazz of Persona to the face-kicking 2D chaos of BlazBlue creators Arc System Works.
The game is arcade bound and then headed to consoles. More »

Lord of Souls

An Eloquent Apology for Geek Misogyny to a Woman That Doesn't Exist (Yet)

Geek men like to believe that we're the sensitive, thoughtful, and caring men that attractive women often pass over for asshole alpha male types. Recently male geek culture as a whole proved that not to be the case. More »

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Dead Island: The Kotaku Review

This is the part where I'd try to artfully describe how I meticulously took apart a zombie with an electrified fire axe on a pristine beach, sky-blue waters lapping at my knees.
I even took notes. More »

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Halo Anniversary is Exactly how I Like my HD Remakes

It's the flavour of the show at this year's TGS. It seems everywhere you turn there are HD remakes of old games, just waiting for the chance to get you to pay for the same game twice.
As I've said with one such remake, MGS2, each is taking a slightly different approach to renovating an old game. More »

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Insane Unreal Tournament 3 Modders Weaponize Nyan Cat

Modder Scott Coxhead lives up to his Cr4zyB4st4rd handle by merging Unreal Tournament 3's player-guided Redeemer with that scourge of the internet, Nyan Cat. More »

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Surely Someone Wants To See Virtual Felicia Day Splattered With Lizard Blood

Ripped from the trailer for Dragon Age II's Mark of the Assassin downloadable content, two screenshots of a blood-splattered Felicia Day in action and a picture of a courtyard. More »

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What Are You Playing This Weekend?

The PlayStation 3 at Kotaku HQ Los Angeles will be working overtime this weekend, thanks to a little bit more time spent with Resistance 3 multiplayer and another title that, well, I can't talk about just yet.
Anyone want to take a guess what that title might be? More »

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Watch Ten Minutes of Uncharted: Golden Abyss for PS Vita

You know, that PlayStation Vita is capable of some lovely looking video games. Uncharted: Golden Abyss, for example, is one of the lovelier ones and not just because that Nathan Drake is so damn dashing.
Golden Abyss is more than just a pretty face, however, as Bend Studios' John Garvin kindly... More »

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The Best, Brightest, Sexiest, and Strangest Selected as IndieCade 2011 Finalists

From a bowling game controlled by kissing to a four-year-old's Ponycorn epic, every one of IndieCade 2011's 36 finalist fully deserves their moment in the spotlight, except for maybe The Bridge. More »

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