Fun Raiser | The van is unpacked. The stage set. Let's party. (Photo: Brian Crecente)

Bedtime Stories

MarqueeHow BioShock Infinite's Creators Are Crafting Adventure from Labor Strife, Dead Horses and the Energy of the Tea Party

Some time ago, game designer Ken Levine commented wryly about the shallow pool from which video game creators get their ideas. "Most video game people have read one book and seen one movie in their life, which is Lord of the Rings and Aliens or variations of that," he had said. More »

MarqueeNVIDIA Shows Off GeForce "Fastest Graphics Card in the World" GTX 590

NVIDIA calls the GeForce GTX 590 the world's fastest graphics card and quietest dual GPU, but all I can think is: My new PC is now officially outdated. More »


MarqueeNintendo 3DS Refines Your Music Taste, Finds Your Soulmate

A feature tucked away in Nintendo's upcoming portable game console tracks the musical zeitgeist of 3DS owners. Owners of the 3DS can turn on a StreetPass feature in the Nintendo 3DS Sounds application that will allow the system to broadcast what your favorite five songs are to other participating... More »

MarqueeBrazilian Street Markets Aren't As Fun Without Piracy

Brazilian commenter KaiserSpiegel tells the story of the sad decline of his local street market following an anti-piracy police raid in today's Speak-Up on Kotaku. More »


MarqueePenguin Slider Serves Up Slippery Puzzles

When you're a high school student, sometimes your work ends up on the fridge at home. Other times, it ends up on the Apple Store and Kotaku. Called Penguin Slider, the game is a puzzle title in which players much slide the penguin through a walled-in area. More »

MarqueeDragon Age II Writer Eloquently Defends The Game's Sexuality Balance

When a forum poster decided to criticize the developer for neglecting the core role-playing game market - straight male gamers - when developing romance prospects for Dragon Age II, BioWare writer David Gaider's response was swift and elegant. More »

MarqueeJoin The Umbrella Corporation In Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

Slip into the uniform of a member of a crack Umbrella Security Services squad member tasked with cleaning up both the zombies and the survivors of the original T-virus outbreak in Resident Evil: More »

MarqueeWhat Room Is Your Gaming Console In?

Have video game consoles earned their spot in the family room, or are we still tucking them away out-of-sight? The measurement and information experts at Nielsen release the results of a study that shows what's being played where in U.S. More »

MarqueeWatch The Latest Debate About The 10 Best Video Game Of All Time, Cheering And Booing Allowed

What are the 10 best video games ever made? We'll never know, but damn it, we can try to find out. Our favored method for this is Canon Fodder, a game concocted by myself and video game consultant N'Gai Croal. More »

I'm spending the night with a bunch of folks at Cervantes in Denver. We'll be playing games, listening to music and raising funds and FUN. –Brian Crecente

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