Zynga to Start Playing StockMarketVille Next Week With Highly Probable IPO

Those trying to deduce just how much they can pay for a piece of FarmVille giant Zynga will only have a little while longer to wait.

The Facebook gaming juggernaut has filed an amendment to the Securities and Exchange Commission, which indicates that its per-share pricing will fall into the $8.50 to $10 range. Zynga's currently viewed as a high-value proposition but the company's IPO—they're going public!—will give hard numbers to that valuation. Right now, by comparision, Electronic Arts is valued at around $7.7 billion, with Activision Blizzard is valued at $14 billion.


While Zynga can claim to have created a revolution in the gaming industry, any bragging rights they'll get in the financial world will depend on how much they can entice people to buy into its vision of gaming's future.

Zynga confirms plans to raise up to $1.15B at $6.99B valuation and start IPO roadshow [VentureBeat]

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