ZQ Fall Edition Makes Dead Rising 2's Zombies Chic

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The fall issue of Zombie Quarterly is here, packed with zombie dating advice, Fortune City's latest haute fashions, some neat DIY for affordable mayhem and an exclusive interview with the new guy in town: Chuck Greene.


As always, the big draw to ZQ's chunky 40-plus page special fall preview is as much the photos as the writing. But that's not surprising, I hear their photo editor has covered wars.


I never played the original, but here are my thoughts just from watching some DR2 gameplay on Justin.TV last night (over an hour!):

-No urgency. You never get a frantic feeling watching (and I'm assuming playing) this game. The zombies waddle around, and it's up to you to decide whether you even want to attack them.

-Slow speed. Sure, you can run around, but the zombies are incredibly slow. I guess this folds into the last comment. But unlike L4D or CoD Zombies, the zombies don't rush at you. In fact, it seems 99% of the on-screen enemies don't even realize or care that you are in their presence.

-Boring environments. Malls are so played out. Or casino/whatever the setting seems to be. It seems the designers tried to make a non-linear game - which is fine on its own - but in doing so sacrificed true diversity in the environments. They all look quite bright, and in fact, very similar. You just run from one loading screen to the next looking at masses of passive zombies.

-I did like the weapon customization, however. Unfortunately, it seems as though many of the combinations you'd come up with in your head do not translate to possible configurations. Notwithstanding this gripe, I think this is the game's main selling point.