Zombie Mansion iPhone Shooter Getting Trial By App Store

Zombie Mansion - the experimental First Person Shooter for the iPhone we looked at back in October - has been making steady progress and is currently going through the App Store approval process. The game uses a combination of the accelerometer and on screen soft keys to control the action as you battle your way through a mansion. Full of Zombies. Ok, it's not the most original setting, but as the video playthrough (after the jump) shows it could be fun in an old-school way. Graphically, the game looks part way between Doom and Quake I, with a twist of Hexen, Assuming all goes well and Apple don't throw a fit, the game should be up on the App Store soon for around $6.99.


Zombie Mansion: Actual Gameplay (Pre-release Beta 3) from arron on Vimeo. Zombie Mansion Goes RTM

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