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For a few years now, media company Ziff Davis - who among other things run the 1UP network - have run their own tech show, called DigitalLife, which while focusing on all kinds of consumer electronics also had a strong gaming slant. And yeah, it was no CES or E3, but it was in New York, making it a lot more accessible to east coast types. This year, however, the show's been called off. Organiser Paul O'Reilly says:

The poor economic conditions have created a very different and difficult dynamic for us this year, and we weren't confident that we could present a show experience that was consistent with the successes of prior years.


He goes on to say they're optimistic the show can return in 2009, but we're not doing anything drastic like holding our breath. Bad economy kills this year's DigitalLife Expo [Cnet]

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