Zero Punctuation Overdoses On Painkiller

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According to Yahtzee we are just now slipping into the Summer gaming drought, so rather than struggle to find a more recent game to review he's gone and dug out 2004's Painkiller, one of the best FPS games ever for folks that just want to kill some monsters. As Yahtzee points out, Painkiller not only lets you kill tons of bad guys, it also lets you do it in some very creative ways.

I'd actually like to see him review more old games. By the time he gets to the newer titles I've already paid, played, and weighed them. The retrospectives have nostalgia on their side, reminding me of a time when I didn't feel I absolutely had to play everything that came out.

Zero Punctuation [The Escapist]

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@Beelzebozo: It indeed had an XBox port, called Painkiller:Hell Wars. I have never actually played it (since I have a demo on one of the old OXM discs somewhere, I should at least try it out ^_^). But I do have the computer game, as well as it's expansion Painkiller: Battle Out of Hell. If what you want to do is blow off some steam (and waste all the population of Hell's Half Acre while you're at it), then this is an excellent way to do it.

BTW, there is another Painkiller game out there that came out last year (I played the PC demo, but have yet to pick it up). Another BTW; if you patch Painkiller, it will play in Vista (for all three of you who have it, myself included).