Zelda's Windfall Island Recreated in Skyrim

Man, it has been a day for cool Skyrim stuff. The latest is this re-creation of Windfall Island from The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker entirely in Skyrim.


So okay, yeah, as one commenter points out, "It's like you took the Wind Waker and sucked all the joy out :'D" All the same, this is a pretty cool mod. PC Skyrim players can download the mod through the Skyrim Steam Workshop.

Here's a pic of the real Windfall Island. Next I want someone to do a mod for Skyrim that re-does the whole game in Windwaker's color scheme and style. I'd play that!


Illustration for article titled emZelda/ems Windfall Island Recreated in emSkyrim/em

(Via Zelda Informer)

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Luke Plunkett

I see a grave, but NO DANCING ELVIS.