Did you know that there’s a new Zelda coming out next week? And that it’s totally adorable? Now you know.

Tri Force Heroes, which is out on October 23 for 3DS, is a multiplayer Zelda game that looks and feels like 2013’s Link Between Worlds, but plays more like Four Swords. You and a party of two other Links—who can be controlled by your friends! Or family! Or strangers! Or you!—must go through a series of dungeons, solving puzzles and fighting bosses, multiplayer-style. It’s very good, from what I’ve played so far. (Full review coming next week.)


Given that you can play with random people online, and given that this is a Nintendo game, there’s a unique way of dealing with trolls and assholes, as one of the characters explains early on.

An aside: “Zelda: Tri Force Heroes” is a stupid name. This game should be called Triforce Heroes. Anyway, here’s a description of how you can deal with jerks in this game:


Eat it, false heroes.

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