Zelda II: The Adventure Of Link and Blaster Master are headed to Nintendo Switch Online on January 16. In the immortal words of the teacher from Willy Wonka: “Just two?” Oh well, at least they’re good ones. Looking forward to “special save data” for Zelda II that’ll make it less annoying. Yeah, I said it. Fight me.

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Zelda 2 has its issues, but its a great game. What a lot of people miss about some of the harder NES games (i.e. Castlevania 2) is that these games were a social event. You’d share tips with kids at school. You’d borrow a game from a friend and they’d warn you about something and give you a heads up. These games weren’t played in vacuums, they were topics of discussion and learning when kids got together. That’s something I really miss about being a kid and gaming- especially since there weren’t 50 new games coming out every month on multiple platforms. Most kids had an NES and many games were very common, and if a kid had one you didn’t, you borrowed it.