Zelda Fan Film Is Three Minutes of Link Being A Hilarious Jerk

Link will do anything for some extra rupees—even if it means screwing everyone else over.


You’ve gotta watch this short by Callegos-Y. It’s one of the best Source Film Maker fan films out there. In it, Link finds that he can’t quite afford purchasing a new shield, so he takes matters into his own hands.

I’d act surprised that Link is capable of all of this, but we’ve all played the games; we’ve all destroyed the pots. This is Link staying true to himself!

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I’m sorry ;_; but I never got to play Skyward Sword (or any of them since N64’s OoT since I quickly get motion sickness > migraines from a majority of 3D games, especially Zelda) - could someone explain who the girl is and her apparent obsession with pots?