Yup, That's A Violent Tech Demo

The guys making indie shooter Strafe are concerned with a few things. Paying tribute to the glory days of 1996, for one, but also doing that in the most 1996 way possible: by going to town on their game's use of the ol' claret.

This trailer, of their famous patented "Über-Gore" tech, shows what happens when a mid-90s PC game develops the gore-spurting physics of the 21st century.

Humour aside, it is actually pretty impressive; look past the GUSHING and you'll see they've worked hard to implement stuff like the blood reacting to where it's been splashed, dripping and/or pooling if it's got to work its way down off a wall.


You can read more about Strafe at the game's site. (thanks James!)

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Aww.. but the enemies look like sloths.. :(