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Yu-Gi-Oh! Collection Auctioned As Revenge On Cheating Husband, Apparently

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Recently on Yahoo! Auctions Japan, a seller posted images of unopened Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, writing the following: “This is the first time I’ve sold something (here). I’m putting up my husband’s collection as revenge for getting cheated on.”

The seller, a Chiba-based Yahoo! Auctions user with the handle “dnlay04438", added that the cards were still unopened and that she’d be happy to get a suitable offer for them.


As noted on 2ch, My Game News Flash, and Sora News, there appeared to be around 26 Yu-Gi-Oh! boxes, and the bids started climbing high. Sora News adds that they are from Yu-Gi-Oh!’s early years, with packs from a number of booster sets, including Magic Ruler, Pharoah’s Servant, Curse of Anubis, Thousand Eyes Bible, Mythological Age, and Spell of Mask.

“While I don’t know much about this card game,” dnlay04438 wrote, “there doesn’t appear to be any damage or tears, but as I’m no expert, please don’t take issue with them.”


The bidding, SGCafe reports, started last Saturday at one yen, which is less than a cent. It was scheduled to end this weekend.

It’s difficult to confirm if the seller was actually getting back at a cheating spouse, but the auction appears to have been suspended earlier than planned, with the card bundle hitting a whopping 20,503,000 yen or $188,220.