Ys Online Plays The Race Cards

While North Americans keep themselves occupied with Atlus' recent re-release of Ys Books I & II on the Nintendo DS, over in Europe they're trying to figure out which race to be in Ys Online.

In order to help out, European game operator Key to Play has issued a set of cards featuring the male and female representatives of the three races in Ys Online: Call of Solum. Players will be able to choose from the intelligent Eresians; the powerful Afrocans; or the lithe kitty people of the Kimoan. It's funny how a high profile game like Resident Evil 5 gets called racist for depicting a white man shooting black zombies, while a relatively unknown online title from Europe gets away with featuring a race of dark-skinned Afrocans who are much stronger and more tribal than their light-skinned, intellectual Eresian cousins.


Not trying to start anything here, just saying that eventually stereotyping people with kitty ears as agile is going to come back and bite them on the ass. Check out screens of the races below, along with some extended descriptions.



- Class: Cleric, Knight, Rogue, Warrior, Wizard
- Personality: Friendly
- Specialty: Alchemy, Archaeology
- Average Height: 170cm (5.5ft)


Eresians are extremely gifted in many traits including combat, magic and alchemy to name but a few. Their bodies are elegantly proportioned; not too muscular and not too frail. Their attitudes and demeanor mirror their diversity. In one moment, they can be extremely kind and generous, yet brutally cruel the next. They love to outwit the continent's other races with their superior intelligence, and what they cannot outwit, they confront with powerful arcane magic.


- Class: Guardian, Nighthawk, Myrmidon, Wicca, Witchdoctor
- Personality: Rebellious
- Specialty: Refinement, Weapon crafting
- Average Height: 190cm (6.2ft)


Afrocans tower head and shoulders over their cousins, the Eresians. Unlike Eresians; who prefer a more subtle approach, Afrocans like to conduct business with the sharp end of a battle axe. Of course, it helps that they are naturally muscular and seemingly carved from granite. It is not surprising that their enormous physical strength and power are ideally suited to combat and they often take part in fierce battles.


- Class: Archer, Conjuror, Protector, Shaman
- Personality: Reclusive
- Specialty: Collection, Cooking, Crafting
- Average Height: 120cm (3.4ft)


While Eresians rely on their intelligence and Afrocans boast of extraordinary physical attributes, Kimoans take pride in their physical agility, sculptural arts and supernatural abilities. Kimoans are the most advanced race on the continent as they harmoniously harness the power of nature and technology.

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