​You've Played Titanfall. What Do You Think?

If you were reading the video-game internet this weekend, your various feeds probably looked something like this: Titanfall Titanfall Titans Titanfall Titans Fall Titanfall Titanfall Titans Titanic Falling Titans Titanfall Titanfall!


Blah blah, everyone is super psyched about Titanfall. The previously closed beta is now open to everyone on Xbox One and likely opening up soon on PC. One of the most hyped games of the year—or at least, the first part of the year—is finally playable for a big chunk of the public.

I was away most of the weekend so I'm still forming my own opinions—I've somehow managed to avoid playing the game at every press event it's been featured at since E3. With that in mind, I'm very curious what all of you who have been playing the beta think. I've seen a lot of reader opinions under a variety of other Titanfall-related posts, but figured I'd give everyone a centralized place to talk about the game.


If you're playing: What do you think? Does the beta live up to the hype? What are some things you hope Respawn will tweak between now and release? What kind of Titan do you drive, and have you got any tips?

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It's fast, it's fun, it's generally pretty well balanced (carbine is a bit OP, SMG sorta sucks) and there's never a dull moment. Every match is exciting moments start to finish.

I'll spend a huge chunk of the map jumping between enemy titans peppering their insides, maybe kill a mech whose pilot ejected with my titanfall, rush a group of enemy titans and let mine do a nuclear explosion and kill some snipers on my way down from the eject. You get great moments trying to extract at the end of missions.

I dunno, I love it. I think it's a blast, but since the loadout options are very limited in terms of abilities and titan loadouts, I'm very curious about what sort of weapons/abilities will be in the final game.