YouTuber Potato Chips Go On Sale In Japan

YouTuber Chips.
YouTuber Chips.
Screenshot: HikakinTV

Potato chips featuring the images of popular Japanese YouTubers, such as Hikakin (pictured), are going on sale later this month.

In Japanese, the bag reads “Yuuchuubaa Chippusu” (ユーチューバーチップス).

Screenshot: HikakinTV

The chips are “lightly salted flavored.”

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Image: UUUM

The chips come with collectible YouTuber cards, and there are already inevitable YouTube clips.

Of course, there are.

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I’m gonna assume when you open the chips an ad pops up in the bag that keeps you from getting to the chips for 5 seconds. Then another ad plays when you’ve been eating for at least 8 minutes.