According to ANN, there has also been speculation about Rushia’s relationship status with online singer Mafumafu (a common peculiarity of VTubers is the unpleasant need to present as single), as well as whether the VTuber allegedly divulged personal info to another YouTuber.


Dexerto reports that Rushia, under her old moniker Mikeneko Doro, tweeted out an apology twelve hours before Cover Corporation’s announcement, writing that she was sorry for making everyone worry. She wrote that she exhausted physically and mentally, and that her heart had been torn into pieces. “Please let me tweet out this apology first,” she wrote, adding that she would say more in a few days.

In a TwiCast stream on February 24, Mikeneko discussed the matter further, saying, “Regarding the rumors in various places, I’ll be firm. If everyone can refrain from spreading those, I would appreciate that.” She added that she will speak more publicly when she is able to do so. You can watch the stream here, which was translated by YouTuber Marune.


The profitable world of virtual YouTubers seems incredibly secretive. The real lives of the VTubers must be obscured for the sake of their image, and these sorts of restrictions aren’t exactly new. In Japan, for example, talent agencies often ban pop stars from revealing personal details like their love lives to avoid alienating fans.

The world of VTubers might even be more strict to maintain the illusion—and sell more merch.