YouTube Isn't Easy So Stay in School, Says Japanese YouTuber

[Image via Ueroku]
[Image via Ueroku]

Some kids might think being a YouTuber looks like a blast, especially if you become famous and make tons of cash. But, recently, one Japanese YouTuber busted out some real talk. Some study talk.


Earlier this year, Mainichi News, one of Japan’s biggest newspapers, published the results of a poll taken by fourth grade boys at an Osaka grade school. They reveal that YouTuber was the third most popular profession, after doctor and soccer player, the reason being that YouTubers can make lots of money and don’t need to study. Heh.

This poll seems anecdotal, and maybe it is, but I’ve had kids tell me they dream of becoming YouTubers when they grow up. That isn’t too surprising.


But not everyone can become a successful YouTuber. Which is why, when profiled on Japanese TV, Japanese YouTuber Takeyaki said (via Twitter user Ueroku), “Since the world of the YouTuber isn’t at all easy and while everyone looks like they’re having fun, I understand why people would want to do it, but first and foremost, I’d like you to do your best at working hard at schoolwork.”

Study, kids! That way you can go to a good college, graduate, and get loaded down with student loans.

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I’m curious what the ratio of successful youtubers to ones that don’t have any monetary gains is. I mean, it has to be minimal at best right?