YouTube in the 1990s Looked Awesome

YouTube wasn't around in the 1990s. It didn't open for business until 2005. Let's pretend for 3:31 that it was around in the 1990s, though, because 1990s YouTube looks great.


This clip was done by Squirrel Monkey, the same person behind those great Angry Birds and Draw Something clips from a few weeks back.


If Youtube had been invented in the '90s... [YouTube]

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If this is a criticism of YouTube (I can't tell if it's actually hating on it or not), then using YouTube as a platform to deliver the message is probably a bad idea. It's also quite arrogant: by placing her video on YouTube, it implies that it's better than the other videos that are supposedly not worth your time.

The concept is interesting, but I kind of wish it wasn't so aware of itself so as to be a true to the 90s feel. The whole preaching thing detracts from the creative visuals.