Your Wildest E3 Predictions

I asked you (on Twitter) for your E3 2019 predictions. 500 of you responded. 388 of you did not take the question seriously. You have all disappointed me, and I love it. I break down your weird jokes (and add a few of my own) in this video.

Some quick conclusions: every new Smash character you propose got one vote—except two, who got two votes each. That probably says something profound about Smash’s appeal.


A lot of you really seem to think that Square Enix is going to release a Final Fantasy VII Remake demo during their press event or shortly after E3. I can’t say if this is impossible or not, though I can say that whenever I hear the words “Playable Demo,” I do immediately think of Final Fantasy VII. My faith isn’t as strong as yours, however.

Then again, a lot of you also managed to still be able to believe that Nintendo is going to release Mother 3 in English.


Or maybe you are all trolling me.

Not the 16 people who simply tweeted “SKATE FOUR” at me, though. I presume all of you truly want that game and sincerely expect EA to announce it at their press event.

If you want to hear me break down these rumors and many, many more, please watch the video. If you don’t watch it, is it even a video?

Extremely huge thanks to Fred Wood (@thatsmytrunks on Twitter) for mocking up 98% of the hilarious fake box arts you see in this video.


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