Your "Space Captain Game" Fantasies Might Be Coming True

Galactic Princess, a game that should be on the radar of every Mass Effect & FTL fan on the planet, is now up on both Kickstarter and Greenlight.

In Galactic Princess, you need to get a crew, design and build a ship then set off to save the princess, exploring and shooting your way through the universe.


The Kickstarter page has one very cool feature I hadn't known about before: there's going to be very little HUD in the game. Instead, you'll need to check the instruments on your bridge to see how things are going.

It'll be out on Windows, Linux and Mac...whenever it's done.

Galactic Princess [Kickstarter]

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The description immediately conjures up fond memories of this. One of my favorite DS games. God I hope by some miracle a sequel/spiritual successor makes it to the 3DS