There are plenty of times you need nice high-res box art images. Maybe you need to print a replacement. Maybe you want to do some photoshop work. Maybe you just want some new desktop wallpaper.

Whatever your reasons, an enterprising soul over on NeoGAF has found a sneaky solution that lets you pull big, clean images from IGN without the site's trademark watermark.


All you need to do is this:

On a game's page on the site, the box art image url would normally look like this:

But if you delete the boxart_160h part, so that it reads like this:


You get a huge, clean image. Handy! (Note: the hyperlinks above won't take you directly to the image, the URLs confuse our internal servers. If you copy+paste them into browser windows, though, you'll see what I mean).

Note it doesn't work for all games, especially older ones, but more recent titles should be good to go.

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