Ace Attorney 5's Japanese release date has been confirmed for July 25th. Defense lawyer Phoenix Wright is back, but his old rival, Miles Edgeworth is not. Taking the side of the prosecution this time around will be a criminal prosecutor. Not a prosecutor of criminals, but a criminal who is a prosecutor.

Capcom has released information on the man who will be in the opposition this time: Jin Yuugami is a prisoner convicted of murder. Dressed in black and white with a hawk feather in his lips and shackles around his wrists, Jin is known as the "warped prosecutor" and excels at psychological manipulation in the courtroom. It has not yet been revealed exactly why a convicted murderer is able to act as prosecutor in court, but details of Jin's shady past will likely be brought to light in the game.

Jin will appear in the second chapter of Ace Attorney 5 against Apollo Justice. Images of Apollo in court (and sans bandages) indicate that both Phoenix and Apollo will be manning the defense this time around (though likely not simultaneously).

Ace Attorney 5 is scheduled for release in Japan on July 25th. No word on an international release yet, but give it time.

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