Your New Weekend Editor, As Foretold By Prophecy

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"I've watched the other two, how hard can it be?" That's what I imagine the director of The Prophecy 3: The Ascent was thinking before giving Christopher Walken hair extensions, fingerless gloves and a trumpet — not at all what I'm thinking as I begin my tenure as Kotaku's third regular weekend editor.


In November of 2006, Flynn De Marco became Kotaku's first weekend editor. Flynn left a little over a year later, which opened the door for Owen Good to take on the role in April of 2008. For nearly six years Owen defined the Kotaku weekend experience. More importantly he became a dear friend, one whose shoes will be incredibly hard to fill.

For those of you unfamiliar with my work, you should really start reading Kotaku during the week. I've been here since 2007, writing about video games and snacks and toys and whatever else I can get away with.

This is me, complete with a hat I found in a box this morning and suddenly decided was my most favorite thing ever.

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Some of my (other) favorite things include:

  • Video games — All of them. Every platform. Every flavor. PC, console, mobile, Facebook. If it plays games, I will play games on it.
  • MMORPGs — I like to think of myself as Kotaku's MMORPG guy. I might have a t-shirt made.
  • Comic Books — Mainly Marvel and independents. I go through DC phases every couple of years, but they never seem to stick.
  • Toys — I am a rabid Transformers fan. It's really ridiculous. I'm also addicted to LEGO.
  • Science Fiction — Books, television shows, movies; if I weren't writing for Kotaku, I'd be endlessly bugging the IO9 people for work. Doctor Who (original and current) and Star Trek are my jams.
  • Snacks — It wouldn't be Snacktaku without the snacks. It would just be 'taku', which doesn't really make sense.
  • My Children — Archer and Seamus. Yes, they are named after the show. Consider them lucky, they were originally going to be Professor Omega and Doctor Moonpie.

I'd go on, but were going to have plenty of time to get to know each other every weekend until the end of time, or when they fire me because my introduction post is going up 15 minutes late.

If you lovely weekend readers have any suggestions for content you'd like to see covered during the days that beging with 'S', now would be a really good time to share. If the Prophecy comparison holds up, the next two weekend editors are going to be horrible and co-star Kari Wuhrer.


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