Your League Of Legends Plays Aren't Always As Awesome As You Remember

You might feel like a total badass for the way you held down your lane against three—three!—enemy champions in that last game of League of Legends. But let's all be thankful that the game doesn't automatically record everything. Because stuff rarely looks as graceful as we remember it.

YouTuber SpooksOP sums this up perfectly (via Reddit):

See, any fight with one or more opponents in League of Legends can be so tense and panic-inducing that just surviving the 20 or 30 seconds it takes for everyone else to die can feel like you've just run an entire marathon and then wrestled Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to the ground with one hand tied behind your back. Oftentimes, though, all you really did was just back up to your closest defensive turret and let your base's defenses do all the heavy lifting before you jumped in to deal the final blow.


Not quite as impressive. But who cares, really? Anyone who snarks on you for getting a triple kill is probably just jealous anyways.

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