Your Handy Dandy Guide To Playing Support On League of Legends

Getting teammates to play support in any game is tough, and League of Legends is no exception. Part of the issue is that support doesn't always seem as glamorous as other roles. And part of that, too, is that players often need to learn how to think about the game differently.


Here's a splendid guide by Cloth5DotCom that looks at champions, appropriate techniques, and playstyles that you can adopt as a support, all presented in clear and simple language. It's worth watching—and hopefully, it helps you (and your team) play better!

Supporting in Team Fights - impaKt Support Guides [Cloth5DotCom]

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I always find support to be an interesting problem. Realistically, Support is the hardest role because so much of your gold, time, and focus must be devoted to the team instead of improving your own character. this leaves the support player an easy target. I will always stand by the opinion that anyone can right click creeps until they are strong enough to win, but it takes a skilled player to be effective based on positioning and timing alone.

Support your Support players, odds are they are the ones actually winning you the game no matter how many kills you have.