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Your Halo Infinite Spartan Can Now Wear Cat Ears And It's About Damn Time

343 Industries has truly upgraded the Mark VII Rare Armor Core with this one

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A team of Halo Infinite Spartans pose for the camera after a win, including a player sporting Cat Ears and a teddy bear on their armor.
Screenshot: 343 Industries / Kotaku

Wasn’t I just commending Halo Infinite a couple of weeks ago for letting me wear cutesy stuff like sunflowers and roses? Now I’m back to sing its praises for a different type of armor attachment that will be a familiar sight to egirls and weebs alike. Yes, Master Chief can now wear cat ears. This is the future Alex Jones tried to warn you about, a world that belongs to cat boys and cat girls.

But these ears come at a price—and are only available in multiplayer. Costing about 10 bucks in real-world money, the “Purrfect Audio” cat ears are a part of a larger feline-themed bundle that includes a worn salmon-colored armor coating. Unfortunately, the ears can only be worn on a single armor core. That’s a bummer, because other types of wares have started to become a bit more flexible compared to what was being sold near the start of the mode’s launch. The red-and-gold Iron Man colorways being hocked right now, for example, apply to multiple armor cores—including the infamously limited (but soon easier to customize) samurai core! Still, when I’m sitting tight with a lil’ teddy bear fastened to my baby-blue military camo, cat ears perked up behind cover, trigger finger at the ready for the mere hint of enemy footsteps, it’s hard to complain. I’m cute and that’s what matters.


Good timing, too. Right now, there’s a big holiday-themed event going on that requires logging in for multiple days to win a variety of different goodies. While some might find this requirement onerous during a stretch of time that can involve tons of social obligations (if not travel), there’s also plenty of incentive here too. By which I mean: That pink-and-green armor advertised in the event sure seems like it would pair nicely with my new cat ears. Nobody said lookin’ good would be easy. My holiday plans just got slashed because of omicron, so I’ve got nothin’ better to do anyway.

And for those of you completely repelled by the cat ear vibes, don’t worry, there’s something for you too: 343 is selling some truly distinguished shades of black, brown, and gray coatings for your trusty battle rifle. Representation matters, people.