Your First Look At Something From Prey 2

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You know how we told you Prey 2 saw you playing the role of a federal air marshal who finds himself up to his eyeballs in aliens? Well, the game's debut trailer just hit, and it's set on an airplane.


Don't expect gameplay footage. Actually, this might just be a "mood" trailer, so none of this may turn up in the game. But hey, there's the air marshal, and there's...a kid, and a camera, and some other stuff going on.


Look, I mean no disrespect to die-hard Prey fans when I say this, but is this a series that warrants this kind of teasing? I want to know if there's Clutch on the jukebox and assholes on the wall, not see some kid fare poorly in his first contact with aliens.

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Xbox 360 Games - E3 2011 - Prey 2

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I really don't get a sequel to this game that takes place during the same invasion somewhere else.

I understand other people would be fighting... and I understand that Tommy I'm sure wasn't the only mistake in shipping humans around... But in the end only one guy set humanity free and at no time was it indicated anyone else did anything important.

I hope some part of this game takes place after the first game... cause I also understand that just cause the Alien Leader was killed, doesn't mean the creature really stopped doing anything.

I don't know. I feel this needs to explain itself more. If it doesn't, seems like a waste to me.