Your Anime Eyes Are Freaking Out Japan. Stop It.

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Back in 2009, Lady Gaga's eyes got huge in her "Bad Romance" video. That, along with a Hello Kitty photo shoot, helped spawn a series of YouTube videos on anime eyes make-up tips.

Not sure where Japan was during all this, but it clearly was not paying attention. This week, a Japanese site posted some of the anime eyes make-up videos, stating that this seems to be some sort of fashion trend. (It's less a fashion trend, and more a Gaga gag.)

But what's interesting is reading through people's comments on Twitter and in forums. Even though the look was clearly inspired by anime, folks in Japan are saying things like "This is scary", "Creepy!", and "Lulz"—lots and lots of "lulz". There are also people debating whether or not this trend is, in fact, sweeping the U.S.! Um...


That doesn't mean bigger eyes haven't caught on in the West to a certain extent. Lady Gaga has fueled that fire, and, more recently, Nicki Minaj has fanned those flames. In the meantime, knock off the anime eyes, internet people! You are totally freaking out Japan.

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Top left is awesome, lulz