Kotaku readers, you never let me down. I asked you yesterday to share your Wii playing history — as determined in the Nintendo Channel — and you provided the disturbing details.

Stunned by the intense workouts some of you give your Wiis (you weren't making these up, were you?) I had to highlight a few slightly scary achievements.

The following stats were pulled from the comments of yesterday's post. I've listed the Kotaku commenter's username first, linking to the rest of their playing history — followed by their top game (hours, minutes, number of times they played the game).

Rudeskata: Punch Out! - 207 hrs 16 min - 13 times


GenRedLeader: Internet Channel - 627 hrs, 39 min - 692 times

Shauntu: Fire Emblem - 101 hrs, 48 min - 33 times


Blkpaladin (combining numbers from two Wiis played by multiple people in one home): Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - 223 hrs 20 min - 69 times

Calum MacLeod: Guitar Hero III - 74 hrs, 41 min - 54 times


Lonesnipa: News Channel - 234 hours 15 minutes

My Little Metroid: Okami - 95 hrs, 00 min


Pikatwo: Super Smash Bros. Brawl - 695 hrs, 37 min

Rocci 1212: Mario Strikers Charged - 693 hrs, 33 min - 402 times


Shimage: Animal Crossing: City Folk - 244 hrs, 56 min - 198 times

Let it be known that the Nintendo Channel does keep counting even if you've left the game idling while you're sleeping. Nevertheless, I submit that the above individuals got their money's worth.