A buddy of mine, playing The Witcher 3 for the second time, is going nuts with mods this time through. He sent me an email the other day: “Have you seen this mod that turns old-ass Geralt into young Geralt?”. No, I had not.

Now I have. And I kinda wish I hadn’t. But am also glad. It’s complicated.

Half the appeal of The Witcher 3 is that Geralt is a surly old man! He’s seen some shit, done some shit, and lived to tell the tales. His gruff outlook on life, realised both through his amazing in-game model and some stellar voice work by Doug Cockle, present a character that is as worn and weary as the world of The Witcher itself.

The mod—created by Atherisz, and available here—undoes much of that by showing Geralt as a young, sexy lil’ Witcher. Like he’s an extra in the original Highlander. Or a genderbent CIri cosplay. Or a Norwegian model doing a “Black Metal in the bathhouse” shoot for a fashion mag.


It’s strange to behold. But also fine. Because he’s gorgeous. So fresh.


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