You'll Never Forget Your First 3DS Street Pass Notification

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On the fourth day since the official release of the Nintendo 3DS, I finally walked past someone else who had the system and was sharing their data ... at the Sony Style Store, surrounded by PSPs and PS3s.

I don't know exactly when it happened. Possibly when I was talking to some PlayStation public relations people in front of a TV that was showing Uncharted 3 in 3D. Possibly while I was watching a new level of Infamous 2. At some point, my 3DS, tucked into my bag and set to Street Pass sleep mode, detected the 3DS of a 3DS owner who goes by the name Black Bible, likes dogs and dreams that someday he'll be rich

He didn't tell me any of this... his Mii did.

Black Bible is really Antwand Pearman who works at the website GamerFitNation and gave me his card. I already can't find his card, but his Mii is in my Mii Plaza, just hanging out. (I wanted him to fight for me in Find Mii, the free role-playing game in each 3DS, but he's not available for that, for some reason.)


Every Mii can have a motto. His hyped his website. I hope he appreciates mine, which is "Yay for icecream" ...had to cut a space due to character limitations.

I didn't notice the Street Pass notification until this morning when I noticed that a green light was illuminated on my 3DS. I'd snagged that first Mii at 6:40pm yesterday. It seems that I grabbed another one around 8:20. Where was I then? Oh, yeah! The comics store.

So... we can deduce that in New York City, there are no Street-Passing 3DS owners in my office, in my Brooklyn neighborhood, nor on the C train I ride everyday. But there are some among the game journalists who go to PlayStation events and at the comics shops.


Have you had your first Street Pass connection? Who'd you meet? What's the story?

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I had two in one day on Monday, and I really didn't expect either. My first, I had no idea who it was, and they weren't present when I looked to see who it was. I was sat in a coffee shop, and a few moments later, the notification light blinked again. I thought it might have been a error, and it was just the same person, but a second had been added; I looked around to see who it might have been, but I couldn't see anyone, then someone at the counter walked up to me and asked if they'd just been picked up on StreetPass, and it turned out I was the first person to be added on to his.

We started talking about when we got the console, where we got it, and of course, what games we had. He mentioned he had Super Monkey Ball, but ended up trading it in because he completed it, and I told him I had Pilotwings and SSF4, he wanted to know if the latter was any good, so I offered to play him on it through download and play, we had a couple of matches and it was pretty cool, and he decided to get it.

It's strange how such a simple feature can bring people together, and broke the ice before even having said a word. Strange, but wonderful.