You'll Have To Pay To Comment On This Handsome New Indie Game Website

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Do you like commenting? Do you like it enough... to pay for the privilege? Let's find out!


[Insert Kinja complaint here.]

At long last, Brandon Boyer's Venus Patrol has launched. The website is intended to be a new portal into the world of indie games. It's headed up by Boyer himself, chair of the Independent Games Festival and a veteran of Gamasutra and BoingBoing's Offworld.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2011 (as Boyer describes it, a "Pre-Double Fine Adventure world"), Boyer has been working on getting Venus Patrol ready for launch day. Turns out, launch day is today. The site is now live, and in a neat touch, every article from Offworld is archived at Venus Patrol. So, if you want to stroll back and re-live memories, you can.

Among other things, Venus Patrol has an interesting approach to subscription fees. The site will be supported by subscribers ($3 per month), but non-subscribers won't have to pay to see content. If you pay, you'll get some nice bonuses like the ones included in the Kickstarter, and you'll be allowed to comment. Interesting! That means that if you want to get involved in the conversation, you'll have to get involved in supporting the site.

Best of luck to Boyer and the other Venus Patrolers.

Venus Patrol


[Insert Kinja complaint here.]


[Kinja is perhaps the least user-friendly, most poorly designed way to communicate anything on the internet, ever. It alienates and frustrates current and longtime readers, while making it difficult and confusing for new people to join the conversation. Oh, and the addition of ad spammers back into the previously-clean gawker system is a fantastic side effect. Kinja makes CNN's comment system look positively advanced]