You'll Be Able To Play Almost Every PS4 Game On Your Vita, Sony Says

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Looks like the PlayStation 4 will be taking a page from the book of Wii U: according to Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida, almost all PS4 games will support Remote Play on the Vita. In other words, you'll be able to play PS4 games on your handheld, so long as the tech works.


At the PS4 reveal back in February, Sony promised that thanks to their new streaming technology, the Vita will be able to play PS4 games. Today, Eurogamer came out with a report saying that the Vita will be able to play all PS4 games—Sony is making it mandatory for developers to implement the Remote Play functionality in any games that don't require the PlayStation Eye camera, the report said.

Yoshida confirmed this on Twitter today: "Yes, it's true unless the game requires specific hardware like the camera. It will be great to play PS4 games on PS Vita."

Question is, how well will it work? If you can actually stream PS4 games to your handheld with no hiccups—or if you could switch back and forth without missing a beat, like you can on Wii U—this could be a serious game-changer (and bathroom-enhancer).

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I tried remote play on the PSOne classics, and it was phenomenal. I really don't get why developers didn't want to open remote play for their games, literally all they had to do was flick the switch to unlock it.